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Masu Cup

Ever wonder why a wooden box to drink sake?
Why overflowing sake like a waterfall?

There can be two ways to drink sake:
1. In a short glass
2. In a square wooden cup - a masu cup

A masu cup was originally small square wooden box used to measure rice portions in feudal Japan. Most masu are made of cedar wood or hinoki wood, which naturally antibacterial that help keeping food & drink fresh. 

Traditionally, masu are lidless cups that are used to drink sake on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. The wooden masu cup is said to complement the traditionally brewed sake in wooden cask. The masu cup has a woodsy & clean smell, and can be used as a container for the short glass or as a cup on its own.

Mostly celebrations with sake, a short glass is placed inside the masu cup, the host will pour sake like a waterfall into the masu, as an act of kindness and generosity on the aspect of the host to express the appreciation and gratefulness for friendship or business. It also represent an act of celebration, and enjoy the present moment.

Watch the sake overflowing creates a beautiful moment of suspense in which time appears to slow down, it keeps your mind in the present moment, simply focusing on the beautiful sake waterfall.

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