Weber Q3200 Gas Grill (Black) |
Weber Q3200 Gas Grill (Black) |
Weber Q3200 Gas Grill (Black) |
Weber Q3200 Gas Grill (Black) |
Weber Q3200 Gas Grill (Black) |
Weber Q3200 Gas Grill (Black) |
Weber Q3200 Gas Grill (Black) |
Weber Q3200 Gas Grill (Black) |
Weber Q3200 Gas Grill (Black) |
Weber Q3200 Gas Grill (Black) |
Weber Q3200 Gas Grill (Black) |
Weber Q3200 Gas Grill (Black) |

Weber Q3200 Black Gas Grill - Compact Outdoor BBQ Station

Sale priceHK$ 6,480.00
Delivery:Hong Kong Island | Kowloon | New Territories
Discover the Weber Q3200 Gas Grill, a top-tier choice for outdoor grilling. Its robust construction and spacious cooking area ensure a premium experience. Ideal for patio cooking, this grill's sleek black design complements any outdoor setting, while its efficient performance caters to all your grilling needs.

Weber Q3200 Gas Grill (Black)

Weber Quality with up to 5 years warranty

Discover the best of all worlds. A modern gas grill that sits pretty on your patio, with the power of two burners. Small enough to fit in a smaller yard yet big enough to grill an entire roast. Explore your options with the Q 3200 gas grill.


    Main Burners 6.36kw/h
    Dimensions with lid open and tables out 141cm x 127.6cm x 76.2cm (H x W x D)
    Dimensions with lid closed and tables out 110.5cm x 127.6cm x 53.4cm (H x W x D)
    Primary Cooking Area 63 x 45cm²
    Stainless Steel Burners 2
    Fuel Type Liquid Petroleum Gas (Refillable Cylinder Sold Separately)
    Side Tables
    Durable All-Weather Wheels 2
    Tools Hooks 2
    Battery Type


    • Porcelain-enameled, Cast-iron Cooking Grates
    • Electronic Ignition
    • Cast Aluminum Lid And Body
    • Built-in Lid Thermometer
    • Removable Folding Side Tables
    • Open Cart Design
    • Glass-reinforced Nylon Frame
    • Bottom Shelf
    • Removable Catch Pan
    • Infinite Control Burner Valves
    • Tank Holder
    • High Lid


    • Included Delivery only
    • FREE Delivery to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories
    • Extra $200 for Tung Chung, Ma Wan, and Discovery Bay
    • Extra $100 per walk-up floor, please let us know when ordering
    • Leadtime 1-7 days

    Part #57012108

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Gael Newton
    Elevated Grilling Experience

    My grilling experience has been elevated since I got the Weber Q3200 Gas Grill. The black exterior exudes elegance, and the powerful burners ensure consistent heat distribution. From weekday dinners to weekend cookouts, this grill has become the center of my outdoor gatherings. Highly recommended!

    Naima Schofield
    Grilling Perfection in Black

    If you seek grilling perfection, the Weber Q3200 Gas Grill in Black is the answer. Its performance and sleek design make it an eye-catching addition to my outdoor space. From weeknight dinners to weekend barbecues, this grill never disappoints. A game-changer in the world of outdoor cooking!

    Alyce Prosser
    Grill in Style with Weber

    Grill in style with the Weber Q3200 Gas Grill in Black. It not only performs flawlessly but also adds a touch of elegance to my outdoor setting. The large cooking area ensures I can prepare meals for all my guests, and the black finish makes it a true showstopper. An excellent investment for any grill lover!

    Evelyn Parker
    Grilling Perfection Achieved

    Achieve grilling perfection with the Weber Q3200 Gas Grill. Its precise temperature control and ample cooking area allow me to cook various dishes simultaneously without compromising on taste. Whether it's a family dinner or a backyard party, this grill always delivers mouthwatering results.

    Vinny Markle
    Grilling Made Effortless

    I can't praise the Weber Q3200 Gas Grill enough! It's made grilling effortless and enjoyable. The large cooking area accommodates all my dishes, and the even heat distribution ensures consistent cooking. Plus, the sleek black finish adds a touch of elegance to my outdoor space. A top-notch grill in every way!

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