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Weber Premium BBQ Grill Cover - Durable, Outdoor Accessory for Barbeque

Sale priceHK$ 269.00
Cover for:Weber Q 100/1000 Series Grills
Protect your BBQ investment with the Weber Premium Grill Cover, a must-have for outdoor grill enthusiasts. Crafted for the best beef in Hong Kong, this durable cover is perfect for safeguarding your Weber against the elements. Its robust design ensures a snug fit, making it an essential accessory for any patron. Shield your outdoor grill with the robust Weber Premium Grill Cover, tailored for durability and ease of maintenance. Ideal for safeguarding against the elements, this cover is a must-have accessory for your Weber grill, ensuring longevity and peak condition. Available at

Protection from the great outdoors. Weber Grill Covers are tailored to your grill to protect them from dust, dirt, rain, or snow.

Designed for durability. Made from thick, quality material, Weber Grill Covers contain UV inhibitors to resist fading, and a water-resistant coating to keep your grill nice and dry.

Windy day? No problem. Weber Grill Covers come with fastening straps to ensure it stays snug and secure over your grill, protecting it from external elements.

Part # Fits Series Price
7110 Weber Q 100/1000 Series
31.5cm x 43.94cm x 66.8cm
7111 Weber Q 200/2000 Series
32cm x 48cm x 82.04cm
7112 Weber Q 2000 Series with Cart & Q 3000 Series
99.82cm x 55.88 x 143.76cm
7113 Weber Q 100/1000/200/2000 with Portable Cart
88.9cm x 43.94cm x 81.79cm
7130 Weber Genesis II, LX 300, and 300 Series
113.03cm x 63.5cm x 147.32cm
7131 Weber Genesis II and LX 400 Series
113.03cm x 63.5cm x 165.1cm
7132 Weber Genesis II and LX 600 Series
113.03cm x 63.5cm x 185.42cm
7138 Weber Spirit II 200 and Spirit 200 Series
106.68cm x 68.58cm x 121.92cm
7150 Weber 57cm (22") Charcoal Grills
88.9cm x 63.5cm x 68.58cm
7199 Weber Lumin Electric Barbecue Cover
26.5cm x 51.5cm x 47cm
7751 Weber Genesis EPX/E 335 and Genesis 300 Series Gas Grills
110cm x 160cm x 65cm


Weber Q100/1000 Series
Q Duffle Bag



  • Uv Inhibitors In Fabric Resist Fading
  • Breathable And Water Resistant To Help Protect Grill From The Elements
  • Drawstring Keeps The Cover In Place


  • Free Shipping on *BBQ Grills Orders* above HK$ 3,000 ***No Assembly***
  • Otherwise extra $70 delivery fee
  • Leadtime 1-7 days

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Marlyn Aucoin
The Ultimate Grill Protector

As a grilling enthusiast, I trust Weber for all my grilling needs, and their Original Grill Cover lives up to its reputation. It's the ultimate protector, keeping my grill safe from the elements. The snug fit and durable material make this cover a top-notch choice.

Kabir Devries
Worry-Free Grill Protection

Thanks to the Weber Original Grill Cover, I no longer worry about my grill's well-being when it's not in use. The cover keeps it safe from rain, bird droppings, and even pollen. It's easy to clean and dries quickly after rain. An essential accessory for any grill owner.

Keana Salmons
Weather-Resistant and Durable

This grill cover is unbeatable! The weather-resistant material is incredibly durable and ensures my grill is protected throughout the seasons. It's a well-made product that perfectly complements my Weber grill. I'm more than satisfied with this excellent grill cover.

Jacky Mariani
Keep Your Grill Looking New

With the Weber Original Grill Cover, my grill looks as good as the day I bought it. This cover keeps it clean, protected, and ready for grilling at a moment's notice. I couldn't ask for a better solution to extend the life of my beloved grill.

Joniel Heins
Ultimate Weather Protection

Living in an area with unpredictable weather, I needed a grill cover that could handle it all. The Weber Original Grill Cover is up to the task, protecting my grill from rain, snow, and intense sun. I trust Weber's quality, and this cover is no exception.

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