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Weber Premium Gloves

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Elevate your grilling experience with Weber Premium Gloves, designed for the BBQ aficionado. These gloves offer superior hand protection, blending durability with comfort for outdoor grill sessions. Perfect for any grilling environment, they're a must-have accessory for safe and enjoyable barbecuing.

Look the part and protect your hands while doing so. The Weber Premium Gloves protect your hands from a hot barbecue and have a silicone palm for gripping your most prized barbecue tools – a necessity for the serious barbecue master.

Keep your fingers safe from the heat, whether you’re taking your time while turning small items on the barbecue or transferring hot pans from cooking grates to the countertop. The Premium Gloves are designed with a flexible, heat-resistant material to help you easily handle all your barbecue tools and keep you safe and comfortable while barbecuing over an open flame. Silicone on the palms gives you a definitive grip, so you can turn, flip, and move items without fear of slipping utensils or pans. Finished with long cuffs and striking red accents, the Premium Gloves also cover your wrists – keeping you protected while looking sharp.

Material: Shell: 100% Aramid | Lining: 80% cotton, 20% polyester

Part #6669

Customer Reviews

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Sonny Speaks
No More Grilling Accidents

These gloves have saved me from countless grilling accidents! Their heat resistance is impressive, and I can confidently handle hot grates and dishes without fear. Weber has truly delivered a high-quality product that every grilling enthusiast should own.

Sudais Ready
Dexterity and Protection Combined

The Weber premium gloves offer an excellent combination of dexterity and protection. I can easily handle small grilling tools and hot items without sacrificing safety. These gloves are a must for anyone who wants to master their grilling skills!

Cassidy Moorehead
Grilling Confidence Booster

With these gloves, I feel like a pro griller! They provide excellent heat protection and enable me to maneuver food on the grill with confidence. No more accidental burns or slips. I highly recommend the Weber premium gloves to elevate your grilling game!

Klynn Wolters
Ultimate Protection for Grilling

The Weber premium gloves offer ultimate protection for grilling enthusiasts like me. I love the secure grip and the confidence they instill while handling hot grates and cookware. These gloves have elevated my grilling game, and I highly recommend them to everyone!

Luther Mcnutt
Top-notch Protection

The Weber premium gloves provide top-notch protection from the heat while grilling. I can confidently handle hot items without worrying about burns or discomfort. The high-quality materials and durable construction make these gloves a worthwhile investment for any grill lover.

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