Fresh NZ Wild Catch John Dory Fillet from MeatKing.hk5
Fresh NZ Wild Catch John Dory Fillet from MeatKing.hk0
Fresh NZ Wild Catch John Dory Fillet from MeatKing.hk3
Fresh NZ Wild Catch John Dory Fillet from MeatKing.hk2
Fresh NZ Wild Catch John Dory Fillet from MeatKing.hk1
Fresh NZ Wild Catch John Dory Fillet from MeatKing.hk4

NZ John Dory Fillet - Wild Caught Seafood |

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Savor the ocean's bounty with NZ Wild Catch John Dory Fillet, a premium seafood selection from This boneless, skinless delicacy, sourced from the pristine waters of New Zealand, promises a refined dining experience. Perfect for gourmet recipes, it's a top choice for discerning palates seeking quality and freshness.

We have sourced the best quality John Dory fillets from New Zealand. Our product is 100% natural and comes from a sustainable source, as well as being boneless and skinless for easy cooking. This product is ideal for steaming, pan-frying, or baking. For your fishmonger needs! 

Vacuum-sealed packaging.

* Listed weights may have around +/- 10% variance, usually a bit more than the listed weight :)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Andrew Hill
Seaside Extravaganza

Host a seaside extravaganza with the Alaskan Wild Catch Black Cod Fillet Slab. Its boneless, skin-on presentation is both convenient and delectable. Each bite of the tender, flavorful fish transports you to the ocean's embrace. MeatKing's seafood selection is truly a culinary masterpiece!

Paulette Goebel
Exceptional Quality and Taste

The New Zealand Wild Catch John Dory Fillet stands out with its exceptional quality and taste. Its boneless and skinless preparation allows the fish's essence to shine through, making it a top choice for seafood lovers seeking an exquisite dining experience.

Nyjah Alderson
Exceeded Expectations

The New Zealand Wild Catch Boneless Skinless John Dory Fillet exceeded my expectations. Its pristine quality and delicate taste make it stand out among other fish options. I'll be back for more, Meat King! Thank you for providing such an exceptional product.

Alecia Moskowitz
Simply Scrumptious

I'm amazed by the simply scrumptious Boneless Skinless John Dory Fillet. Its pristine taste, combined with the ease of preparation, makes it an ideal choice for a quick and delectable seafood meal. Kudos to Meat King for offering this culinary gem.

Rooney Middlebrooks
Fish Grill Masterpiece

I consider myself a fish grill masterpiece, and the Boneless Skinless John Dory Fillet confirmed it. The fish held its shape beautifully on the grill, and the result was a medley of flavors that made every bite unforgettable. Thank you, Meat King, for this culinary gem.

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