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Boneless Lamb Shoulder from New Zealand - Premium Meat |

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Savor the unparalleled quality of's Grass-Fed New Zealand Lamb Shoulder, a hormone-free delight ideal for gourmet roasts and BBQs. Experience the succulence of best-in-class lamb, perfect for culinary aficionados in Hong Kong seeking a tender, grass-fed option. Indulge in the finest's New Zealand Boneless Lamb Shoulder, perfect for a gourmet roast. Grass-fed and hormone-free, this lamb is a top pick for health-conscious meat lovers. Ideal for BBQs and grills, it promises a tender, flavorful experience for every steak connoisseur in Hong Kong. Savor the succulence of New Zealand Boneless Lamb Shoulder from This 100% grass-fed lamb is free from antibiotics and hormones, ensuring a pure, robust flavor. Ideal for roasting with its convenient string-tied presentation, expect a slight variance in weight, adding to its natural charm.

Our New Zealand Lambs are 100% Grass-Fed and Antibiotics-Free. The whole piece of Boneless Lamb shoulder is extremely juicy and tender, which makes it perfect for grilling, roasting, and slow cooking.

Come with strings tied, perfectly ready for roasting.

* Listed weights may have around +/- 10% variance, usually a bit more than the listed weight :)
* Pictures for reference only and may not be an exact representation of the actual product

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Reilly Marquardt
Savory Elegance

The boneless lamb shoulder from New Zealand offered a delightful combination of savory elegance and tender goodness. A culinary experience that left me in awe.

Montana Keefe
A Savory Symphony

Each bite of the boneless lamb shoulder was like savoring a symphony of flavors. New Zealand's finest offering that's perfect for any gastronomic celebration.

Claira Smalley
An Enchanting Culinary Journey

The New Zealand boneless lamb shoulder took me on an enchanting journey of culinary delight. Its rich taste and tender texture were a symphony of flavors.

Blakelyn Enright
Delightfully Juicy

Juicy, tender, and full of flavor the New Zealand boneless lamb shoulder exceeded my expectations. A delightful addition to any meat lover's repertoire.

Tiffani Quijada
Perfection on a Plate

Plating the New Zealand boneless lamb shoulder was a moment of perfection. The succulent meat and flavorful profile made it a masterpiece on the dinner table.

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