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Meat King Premium Portable Gas BBQ Stove MKG-290

Meat King Premium Portable Gas BBQ Stove MKG-290

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Meat King Premium Portable Gas BBQ Stove MKG-290 |

Meat King Premium Portable Gas BBQ Stove MKG-290

Elevate your outdoor cooking with the Meat King Premium Portable Gas BBQ Stove, ideal for adventurers and grill masters alike. Compact and safe, this stove is a must-have for efficient, on-the-go grilling. Its robust design ensures durability, making it the perfect companion for any outdoor excursion.

Meat King Portable Gas BBQ Stove: Delicious Anywhere

Cook Delicious Meals Anywhere

With the Meat King Premium Portable Gas BBQ Stove, you can cook delicious meals anywhere, from your backyard to the great outdoors. This versatile and compact stove is perfect for camping, tailgating, and backyard barbecues. Its powerful burners deliver consistent heat, while the ample cooking surface accommodates meals for the whole family. Whether you're grilling steaks, burgers, or veggies, the Meat King Premium Portable Gas BBQ Stove ensures your meals come out perfectly every time. This amazing product uses a special U-shape ceramic burner that provides the perfect blue flames for grilling, with quick preheat time and you’ll be grilling all year round in no time.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The Meat King Premium Portable Gas BBQ Stove is designed with your convenience in mind. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it a breeze to take on the go or store away when not in use. The stove also features a drip tray and removable grates, which makes cleaning up a snap. In addition, its sturdy construction ensures it will last for years, so you can enjoy delicious barbecued meals for seasons to come.

Safe and Reliable

When it comes to barbecuing, safety is key. The Meat King Premium Portable Gas BBQ Stove is built with safety in mind, featuring an automatic ignition system and built-in safety features that keep the flames in check. Its sturdy legs keep the stove stable on any surface, so you can cook with confidence. Plus, its portable design means you can cook with gas instead of charcoal, reducing the risk of fire hazards.


    Model Number MKG-290
    Main Burners 2.2kw/h
    Stove Dimensions 425mm x 265mm x 112mm (H x W x D)
    Burner Type U-Shape Ceramic Burner
    Primary Cooking Area 335 x 255mm²
    Gas Consumption 160gm/h
    Weight 3.3kg (7.3lbs)
    Coating Enamel Coated Finishing
    Fuel Type Butane Gas Cartridge Bottle (GU Mark by EMSD is recommended)
    Flames Perfect Blue
    Buring Time 1.5 - 4 hours depending on the heat level
    Ignition System
    Piezoelectric Ignition Switch System

    Pressure Sensor System, Auto Safety Shut Off

    Usage Outdoor environment only
    Production Made in PRC


      • Carrying Case x 1
      • Heavy Chromium-Plated Grid x 1
      • Ceramic Grill Plate x 1
      • Drip Tray x 1
      • BBQ Skewers x 4
      • Grill Grate Lifter x 1
      • Porcelain Heat Shield x 1


      • Leadtime 1-3 business days

      Part #MKG-290

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 23 reviews
      Ellagrace Kale
      Grilling on the Go

      As a frequent traveler, the Meat King Premium Portable Gas BBQ Stove MKG-290 has become my go-to grill for outdoor adventures. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry, while the efficient burners provide consistent heat for delicious grilling on the go. From tailgating to beach barbecues, this versatile gas BBQ stove has made every trip a flavorful and enjoyable experience.

      Zlata Mellinger
      A Game Changer for Outdoor Cooking

      The Meat King Premium Portable Gas BBQ Stove MKG-290 has revolutionized my outdoor cooking experience. Its powerful burners provide even heat distribution, ensuring perfectly grilled meats and vegetables. The compact design makes it easy to transport, making every picnic and camping trip a delight. I'm thrilled with its performance and highly recommend it to fellow grill enthusiasts.

      Richard Holland
      Easy to Use and Clean

      I'm a busy person, and the MKG-290's ease of use and cleaning make it a winner for me. It takes minimal effort to get it started, and the grill grates are non-stick, making cleanup a breeze. Whether it's a quick weeknight dinner or a weekend BBQ, this stove delivers every time.

      Kaidyn Hartzell
      Great BBQ Stove for Picnics

      The Meat King Portable Gas BBQ Stove MKG-290 is perfect for picnics! It's lightweight, easy to transport, and the performance is outstanding. The grilling results are restaurant-quality, and cleanup is a breeze. I highly recommend this portable stove.

      Caia Montemayor
      Impressive Performance

      The MKG-290's performance left me impressed. It heats up quickly and maintains a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process. The grill's size is perfect for small gatherings, and the quality of materials ensures its durability for years to come.

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        I can't say enough good things about Meat King! Their products and expertise have made me a loyal customer.

        Carlos Rick

      • ★★★★★

        Game Changer!

        Meat King has changed the game for meat lovers! The quality and taste are unmatched. I'm a customer for life!

        Sarah Natasha

      • ★★★★★

        Absolutely in love!

        The exceptional meat cuts and friendly customer service make every meal a delight. Don't miss out!

        Emily Steward

      • ★★★★★

        Exceptional Quality and Service!

        Outstanding quality! Thanks for the speedy cold chain delivery. CS team is helpful and making each purchase a breeze.

        Jessica Tam

      • ★★★★★

        Beyond Expectations!

        I'm always impressed by the premium quality of the meat I receive. Meat King ensures everything arrives in perfect condition and satisfaction.

        Michael Lizard