Meat King Premium Grill with Laser Cut Design for BBQ from MeatKing.hk3
Meat King Premium Grill with Laser Cut Design for BBQ from MeatKing.hk0
Meat King Premium Grill with Laser Cut Design for BBQ from MeatKing.hk1
Meat King Premium Grill with Laser Cut Design for BBQ from MeatKing.hk2
Meat King Premium Grill with Laser Cut Design for BBQ from MeatKing.hk5
Meat King Premium Grill with Laser Cut Design for BBQ from MeatKing.hk4
Meat King Premium Grill with Laser Cut Design for BBQ from MeatKing.hk6

Meat King Premium Laser-Cut BBQ Grill | Compact Outdoor Cooking

Sale priceHK$ 598.00
Discover the Meat King Premium Grill, a laser-cut stainless steel marvel for charcoal BBQ enthusiasts. Ideal for outdoor gatherings, its portability ensures a top-notch grilling affair anywhere. Durable and designed for the modern griller, it's a must-have for every backyard chef.

Stop looking for a portable grill - Meat King Premium Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill is probably the thinnest BBQ Grill in the world - only 2mm thick when stored. The unit is made of stainless steel (SUS 304 & 201) with 1.5mm thickness, perfect for outdoor parties, camping, or backyard cooking!  Perfect gift for friends and family as well.


Dimensions Assembled 420mm x 215mm x 160mm (H x W x D)
Fuel Type Charcoal
Grill Grid (Stainless Steel 304)
Side, Vertical Plates (Stainless Steel 201)


  • Portable - Light-weight design with carrying bag in a compact size for easy transportation. Perfect for camping, hiking, picnic, or outdoor activities.
  • Durable - Laser-cutting stainless steel plates 
  • Easy to Clean - A drop of dish soap to the water and use the sudsy solution to wipe the surface, rinse with water, and dry thoroughly.


  • Carrying Bag x 1
  • Grill Grid x 2
  • Long Side Plate x 2
  • U-Shape Bracket x 4
  • Charcoal Plate x 1
  • Mini Lock x 2
  • Vertical Plate x 3 (2 x Left & Right; 1 x Middle)


  • Included Delivery & No Assembly
  • FREE Delivery to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories
  • Extra $200 for Tung Chung, Ma Wan, and Discovery Bay
  • Leadtime 2-7 days
  • Photos provided are for reference only, and the actual product may vary in appearance.

Part #MKG-304M

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Katy Speer
Exceptional Build Quality

This laser-cut charcoal grill is built to last. The sturdy stainless steel material and flawless craftsmanship ensure durability and longevity. I love its elegant design and versatility, making it ideal for grilling steaks, vegetables, and even pizza. A premium addition to any grill collection.

Adler Steen
Superior Cooking Versatility

This laser-cut charcoal grill offers unmatched versatility. From high-heat searing to low-and-slow smoking, it handles all types of cooking with ease. The precision-cut grates leave beautiful sear marks, elevating the presentation and flavor of my grilled dishes. A fantastic investment.

Avalee Leighton
Elevate Your Grilling Experience

With the Meat King laser-cut charcoal grill, my grilling game has reached new heights. The precision-cut grates create beautiful grill marks, and the adjustable height settings allow for perfect heat control. It's a grill that brings out the best flavors in every dish.

Wylie Blow
Enhanced Charcoal Grilling

This laser-cut charcoal grill has transformed my grilling experience. The precisely cut grates provide better heat retention, reducing flare-ups and ensuring juicier, more flavorful meats. I'm delighted with the results and the ease of use of this exceptional grill.

Ameliah Mccomb
Easy to Use and Maintain

I appreciate the user-friendly design of this laser-cut charcoal grill. It's effortless to set up, and the ash collection tray simplifies cleanup. The grill's versatility lets me experiment with various cooking styles, making it an indispensable tool for my outdoor cooking adventures.

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