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Japanese Beer & Yuzu Sauce (Complimentary)

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Japanese beer with Yuzu sauce from MeatKing.hk

We are proud to announce our newest crossover packs between Meat King (Premium Meat Provider)Flavour of Life (Premium Sake Provider), and Fine Dining Chef Wai Jimmy (Complimentary Sauces)

Our latest tailor-made luxury sauce by Fine-Dining Chef Jimmy.

Japanese Beer & Yuzu Sauce perfectly matches our Premium Lamb Products.

Not available for sale - Complimentary when purchased with Premium Lamb Products and Grill & Chill Sets.

Keep frozen at -18°C

Simply heat up the sauce in the pot for a few minutes and ready to go! 

How to heat up the sauces:

Customer Reviews

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Kamryn Escobar
A Refreshing Revelation

Japanese beer & yuzu sauce together is a refreshing revelation! The sauce's bright citrus notes beautifully complement the beer's crispness, resulting in a memorable drinking experience. Whether you're a beer connoisseur or an adventurous foodie, this unique combination is worth savoring and sharing with loved ones. Trust me; you won't be able to resist its alluring charm!

Brycen Petty
Zesty Euphoria

Prepare yourself for a zesty euphoria with the Japanese beer & yuzu sauce pairing. The tangy yuzu notes invigorate your senses, making every sip of beer an exhilarating experience. Incredibly convenient to use, this one-time pack is a must-have for all beer enthusiasts looking to embark on a tantalizing flavor journey. Savor the excitement and discover your new favorite combo!

Eitan Baltazar
Discover the Unexpected

Japanese beer & yuzu sauce invite you to discover the unexpected in every sip. The surprising blend of flavors tantalizes your taste buds, creating an adventure of taste and textures. This single-use pack is a delightful surprise that you can easily share with friends, introducing them to an exciting world of taste sensations. Embrace the extraordinary and make your beer moments unforgettable!

Ayven Selman
Tangy Twist

Add a tangy twist to your beer experience with Japanese beer & yuzu sauce. The lively burst of yuzu enlivens your taste buds, bringing out the best in your favorite brew. This single-use pack is not only convenient but also a delightful surprise that adds a touch of excitement to any social gathering or personal indulgence. Unleash the flavorful magic and treat yourself to an unforgettable taste sensation!

Calder Hylton
Citrus Infusion

Immerse yourself in the delightful citrus infusion of Japanese beer & yuzu sauce. The sauce's tangy zest adds a whole new dimension to the beer, making it a delightful choice for any occasion. Plus, the convenient single-use packaging ensures you can enjoy this captivating duo wherever you are. Embrace the harmonious marriage of flavors and discover a new way to appreciate your favorite beer!

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