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Minimal Packaging

At Meat King, we prioritize sustainability by adopting minimal packaging practices for our premium meat delivery services. Learn more about our eco-friendly efforts.
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The earth is a treasure we hold in trust for the future generations, we always strive to save our planet, even a single little step.

From now on, Meat King will be using minimal packaging for orders delivery - using a thick clear plastic bag tighten with a security seal lock to ensure safety delivery. Simply reuse the plastic bag in other purposes to save our planet for the future generations.

Minimal Packaging |

Security seal lock to tie up the plastic bag, ensure completeness of the delivery.

Please feel free to reach us if you want delivery with our Meat King Cooler Bag, there will be extra cost of HKD10 for it.
Meat King Golden Vintage Cooler Bag |
Cooler Bag |
Please feel free to let us know (Call / Whatsapp / Email) if any questions. 

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