$100 Off Referral Program

Referral Program -
In Meat King, the referral flow is simple!  

When you refer your friends, your friends will get a $100 off coupon code and use it in an order.  If your friends go on to make a purchase, you will get a $100 off reward!


1. You can refer your friends by sending them your referral URL. 


2. When your friends click on the URL, they should see a prompt for them to enter their email address.  When your friends enter their email address, the $100 off reward will be sent to them via email.


From the email, your friend will be able to copy their coupon code and use it in an order:

Referral Program -


3. If your friends then go on to make a purchase, you will get their $100 off reward.

Note that the friend does not need to create an account, nor use the friend reward that they redeemed in order to complete the referral. They would just have to make a purchase!


Please feel free to let us know (Call / Whatsapp / Email) if any questions. 

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