Meat King Premium Heavy Duty Pizza Stone


Our premium heavy-duty baking stones are perfect to use in the oven & grill, with high thermal shock resistance and provide a stable base temperature during baking while absorbing excess moisture from the food, making your perfect pizza more crispy. 

Super High-Temperature Resistance - Made of Cordierite, has a very low and uniform coefficient of thermal expansion, but with a very high decomposition temperature up to 1000°C (1832°F) without cracking.

This is perfect to use in ovens, pizza kilns, and BBQ grills.

Size: from 12-15 inches (Circular) & 10-15 inches (Rectangular)
Thickness: 10-15mm
Shape: Circular / Rectangular 
Temperature Resistance: 1000°C

Caring Instructions:
- Cool down to room temperature before cleaning
- Wash with water ONLY
- Use a plastic scraper or nylon pad to remove excess food

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