Destieux Berger Saint Émilion 特級園

酒莊:Destieux Berger



瓶子尺寸: 750毫升×6
促銷價HK$ 1,068.00

Customer Reviews

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Cherie Webb
Unveiling Bordeaux's Best-Kept Secret

I had the pleasure of discovering a wine that is truly Bordeaux's best-kept secret. With its deep, alluring color and enticing aroma, this wine captured my attention from the start. Upon tasting, it revealed a symphony of flavors, from succulent blackberries to hints of oak and spices. The wine's impeccable balance and smooth texture made each sip a delight. This wine is a hidden gem, deserving of a place on every wine enthusiast's radar. Don't miss the chance to experience its enchanting allure.

Pam Shannon
Elevating Every Occasion

Elevate every occasion with a wine that has a deep, enticing color and captivating fragrance of dark cherries and oak. On the palate, the wine delivers a delightful blend of luscious berries and subtle spices. Its smooth texture and well-defined structure left a lasting impression. Whether paired with a gourmet meal or enjoyed on its own, this wine promises to enhance every moment with its exquisite flavors and elegance.

Aimee Woodward
The Epitome of Refinement

The wine I recently enjoyed embodies the epitome of refinement. Its rich, garnet hue and inviting aroma of ripe berries and delicate spices charmed my senses. On the palate, the wine dazzled with a perfect balance of dark fruits and subtle earthy undertones. Its velvety texture and lingering finish were nothing short of exceptional. For those seeking a wine that exudes elegance and finesse, this wine is a true representation of Bordeaux's winemaking prowess. A must-have for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Lonnie Rollins
A Sensory Masterpiece

Savoring an unforgettable sensory masterpiece was an experience to cherish. From the first pour, the wine's deep, garnet color hinted at the delights to come. Its captivating bouquet of dark fruits and subtle floral notes set the stage for a taste sensation. On the palate, the wine revealed a harmonious symphony of flavors, from ripe berries to gentle spices. The velvety texture and well-balanced tannins provided a gratifying finish. For wine enthusiasts seeking elegance and complexity, this wine is a top-notch choice.

Leona McCclure
Enchanting Elegance in a Bottle

I recently discovered a wine that is simply enchanting. From the moment I poured it into the glass, its rich bouquet of dark cherries and subtle earthy notes enticed me. Each sip revealed a wine of exceptional elegance, with well-integrated tannins and a velvety texture. Its harmonious blend of flavors, ranging from blackberries to delicate spices, made it an absolute delight to savor. Whether for a special occasion or a quiet evening, this wine promises an unforgettable experience for wine enthusiasts.


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