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Meat King at Sogo | MeatKing.hk

Meat King at SOGO

Meat King will be at Causeway Bay Sogo for event, we are offering exclusive discounts for premium products and special promo combo sets!  Come vis...

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Meat King Loyalty Program | MeatKing.hk

Meat King Loyalty Program

By joining our Loyalty Program, you will become a member of our Loyalty Program to earn cash back points and exclusive discounts. Click Rewards b...

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Pouring Sake into Masu Cup | MeatKing.hk

Masu Cup

Ever wonder why a wooden box to drink sake?Why overflowing sake like a waterfall? There can be two ways to drink sake:1. In a short glass2. In a ...

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Defrosting Meat Guide | MeatKing.hk


我們經常收到關於如何解凍肉類產品的查詢,所以我地就寫出解凍肉類指南 :) 方法 1:過夜解凍(提早一晚)提早一晚 - 無可否認係最好嘅方法。連帶我們的包裝在雪櫃裡解凍過夜,通常第二天你就可以煮了。如果是大份(即2公斤以上),在雪櫃裡解凍需要2-3天。 方法 2:快速解凍(突發緊急情況)...

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Simple BBQ Ribs | MeatKing.hk

Simple BBQ Ribs

Ingredients: Spanish Duroc Pork Baby Back Ribs Marinate Ribs: Garlic powder Salt & Pepper Onion powder Paprika or Chilli powder Cumin pow...

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