Weber Lumin Electric Grill (Black)

Weber Lumin Electric Grill (Black)


High on heat and big on versatility, Weber’s Lumin* electric grill takes urban outdoor grilling to new heights. This multifunction electric grill reaches temperatures over 315°C so sear-mark seekers can achieve high-quality searing, while smoke infusion further enhances that grill flavor guests crave. Speaking of satisfied guests, the Lumin grill can keep food warm so everyone can easily serve themselves (and come back for seconds). Modern and convenient, Weber’s new Lumin electric grill is designed to suit both your taste and your outdoor space.


Main Burners Electric
Dimensions with lid open 66.1cm x 64.8cm x 51.8cm (H x W x D)
Dimensions with lid closed 29.8cm x 64.8cm x 47.6cm (H x W x D)
Primary Cooking Area 1562cm²
230v = 2200 Watts
Max Grill Temperature 315°C+
Power Cord/Cable
1.8-meter cable
Cooking grate type Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates



  • Reach really hot temperatures—over 315°C
  • Sear, smoke, steam or boil with various cook settings
  • Keep meals warm so guests can serve themselves
  • Grill from frozen by thawing food while the grill preheats
  • Store simply with compact and space-efficient design


Warranties (Weber Quality with up to 5 years warranty):

  • Cookbox - 5 years, no rust through/burn through (2 years paint excluding fading or discoloration)
  • Lid assembly - 5 years, no rust through/burn through (2 years paint excluding fading or discoloration) 
  • Heating element - 2 years, no rust through/burn through
  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates - 5 years, no rust through/burn through 
  • Plastic components - 5 years (excluding fading or discoloration)
  • All remaining parts - 2 years


    • Included Delivery & Assembly
    • FREE Delivery to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories
    • Extra $200 for Tung Chung, Ma Wan, and Discovery Bay
    • Extra $100 per walk-up floor, please let us know when ordering
    • Leadtime 1-7 days

    Part #92010974

    Delivery: Hong Kong Island | Kowloon | New Territories
    Sale priceHK$ 4,680.00
    Email me when available

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Tayla Worrell
    Impressive Performance

    I was skeptical about an electric grill, but the Weber Lumin proved me wrong. It heats up fast and maintains a consistent temperature. The grilling results are impressive, and I love how it doesn't produce much smoke. Great for indoor grilling during rainy days!

    Ximena Delgado
    Excellent Grill for Beginners

    As a grilling novice, the Weber electric grill has been a fantastic introduction to the world of grilling. It's user-friendly and produces delicious results. I've gained confidence in my grilling skills, thanks to this amazing grill.

    Kaelan Medellin
    Delightful Backyard Cookouts

    The Weber electric grill has become a staple for our backyard cookouts. It's easy to use and delivers excellent grilling results. The size is perfect for our family, and we love that we can grill without the mess of charcoal.

    Analeigh Keel
    Grilling All Year Round

    This electric grill is a game-changer for me. I can enjoy grilling in any weather, even during winter. The design is sleek, and the cooking results are outstanding. It's a great addition to my outdoor kitchen setup.

    Nixie Higuera
    Easy and Enjoyable Grilling

    The Weber electric grill has made grilling a breeze. It's so simple to use, and the food comes out perfectly cooked every time. I love how I can grill without worrying about propane or charcoal. The flavor is fantastic, and I'm thrilled with my purchase.

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