Wagyu Lovers Set

$985.00 $1,200.00

Having a steak night? Our Wagyu Lovers Set is just for you!

Meat King x Flavour of Life x Chef Wai Jimmy

We are proud to announce our newest crossover packs between Meat King (Premium Meat Provider)Flavour of Life (Premium Sake Provider), and Fine Dining Chef Wai Jimmy (Complimentary Sauces)

Order now before it's too late! 
All sets are Limited Stock & Online Exclusive!

Wagyu Lovers Set:

Complimentary Sauces:

  • Mushroom Porcini & Truffle Cream Sauce  (Match with Beef)
  • Sansho (Green Peppercorn) Sauce  (Match with Beef)

How to heat up the sauces:

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