US Norbest Christmas Turkey

This US Norbest Frozen Christmas Turkey is a luxurious holiday favorite. Carefully crafted with Norbest's exclusive gluten-free turkey broth and gluten-free seasonings, this premium quality Grade-A turkey is sure to impress your family and friends. With its succulent texture and mouthwatering flavor, this turkey is guaranteed to be the star of the show. Perfect for a traditional Christmas dinner or a special occasion, US Norbest Frozen Christmas Turkey is a timeless classic that is sure to delight. Enjoy the unforgettable flavor and experience of Norbest's premium holiday turkey.

  • Tender Timer® roasting gauge pops out to indicate the turkey is done to perfection (Cooking Time is about 3 hours)
  • Grade "A" Premium Quality - Norbest® Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Deep-basted throughout with natural turkey broth and natural seasonings
  • No added fats, oils, sugars, and no MSG

* Listed weights may have around +/- 10% variance, usually a bit more than the listed weight :)
* Pictures for reference only and may not be an exact representation of the actual product

Weight: 10-12lbs (4.5-5.5kg)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Wyland Slaven
Delight Your Guests with Norbest

I surprised my guests with the Norbest Turkey, and it was a huge hit! The flavor was exceptional, and the meat was succulent. It cooked up beautifully, making me look like a pro in the kitchen. Meat King's turkey is a game-changer for holiday meals.

Keona Kellam
A Perfect Roast for Special Occasions

I ordered the Norbest Turkey for Christmas dinner, and it was a showstopper! The turkey was tender, juicy, and had a wonderful flavor. Everyone at the table loved it, and there were no leftovers. It made our celebration truly memorable. Highly recommend this turkey for any special occasion.

Darrien Larocca
Your Search Ends Here: Norbest Turkey

Look no further for the perfect turkey than Meat King's Norbest Turkey. It's tender, full of flavor, and cooks up beautifully. I've tried many turkeys over the years, but this one stands out as the best. My guests couldn't get enough, and I'm already thinking about our next feast with this exceptional turkey on the menu.

Heather Spaulding
Norbest Turkey: A Game-Changer

I've tried many turkeys over the years, but the Norbest Turkey from Meat King is a game-changer. The meat was tender and juicy, with a delightful taste that impressed everyone at our table. It's clear that Meat King offers only the best quality products, and I'll be returning for more of their fantastic turkey in the future.

Stone Girard
Norbest Turkey: A Feast to Remember

The Norbest Turkey made our family feast one to remember. The turkey was juicy, succulent, and cooked to perfection. It was a hit with both young and old, and we're already looking forward to our next gathering with this delicious turkey on the table. Thanks, Meat King, for helping us create lasting memories with this fantastic turkey.

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