Surf & Turf Set

Want something different? Our Surf & Turf Set is just for you!

Meat King x Flavour of Life x Chef Wai Jimmy

We are proud to announce our newest crossover packs between Meat King (Premium Meat Provider)Flavour of Life (Premium Sake Provider), and Fine Dining Chef Wai Jimmy (Complimentary Sauces)

Order now before it's too late! 
All sets are Limited Stock & Online Exclusive!

Surf & Turf Set:

Complimentary Sauces:

  • Kimchi Prawn Sauce (Match with Fish)
  • Japanese Kombu Sauce  (Match with Fish)
  • Japanese Beer & Yuzu Sauce (Match with Lamb)

How to heat up the sauces:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Unforgettable Feast

Indulging in the Surf & Turf Set was an unforgettable experience. The flavors of the fish, lamb, and sakes complemented each other beautifully. It's a fantastic choice for anyone who loves a luxurious meal.

Unbeatable Assortment

The Slap-Up Set offers an unbeatable assortment of fish, pork, beef, and sakes. Each item was a culinary delight. I'm grateful for this exceptional bundle and can't wait to order it again.

Delicious and Diverse

I loved the diversity of tastes in the Surf & Turf Set. The fish was light and refreshing, the lamb was hearty and flavorful, and the sakes were a delightful addition. This bundle is a winner, and I'm looking forward to trying more from this brand!

Exquisite Pairing

Pairing fish, lamb, and sakes might seem challenging, but the Surf & Turf Set makes it look effortless. The flavors harmonize perfectly, creating an exquisite dining experience. I'm already planning to order this bundle again for our anniversary celebration!

Surf & Turf Sensation

What a sensation! The Surf & Turf Set was a delightful treat for our special date night. The fish was delectable, the lamb was juicy, and the sakes were the ideal complement. I can't wait to share this bundle with friends at our next gathering.

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