Japanese Kombu Sauce (Complimentary)

Meat King x Flavour of Life x Chef Wai Jimmy

We are proud to announce our newest crossover packs between Meat King (Premium Meat Provider)Flavour of Life (Premium Sake Provider), and Fine Dining Chef Wai Jimmy (Complimentary Sauces)

Our latest tailor-made luxury sauce by Fine-Dining Chef Jimmy.

Japanese Kombu Sauce perfectly matches our Wild-Catch Seafood Products.

Not available for sale - Complimentary when purchased with Wild-Catch Seafood Products and Grill & Chill Sets.

Keep frozen at -18°C

Simply heat up the sauce in the pot for a few minutes and ready to go! 

How to heat up the sauces:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Eden Erickson
Unexpected Twist for Desserts

I experimented with Sansho sauce in desserts, and it was a delightful surprise! The green peppercorns added an unexpected twist to sweet treats, making them unique and unforgettable. A fun sauce to play with in the kitchen!

Kaytlin Boos
Perfect for Seafood

As a seafood lover, this kombu sauce is a revelation. It enhances the natural sweetness of fish and shellfish, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors. I'm delighted to receive this complimentary gem!

Kaavya Hobart
Heavenly Depth of Flavor

I'm in love with the heavenly depth of flavor in this kombu sauce. It's like magic in a sauce, making every dish taste extraordinary. Grateful for the complimentary sample; it's a true culinary treasure!

Maris Hallock
Culinary Excellence

This complimentary Japanese kombu sauce is a true representation of culinary excellence. Its infusion of flavors is like no other sauce I've tried. My dishes now have that authentic Japanese touch!

Barbie Sheaffer
Impressive Taste Sensation

I received this kombu sauce as a complimentary gift, and I'm hooked! Its impressive taste sensation takes my dishes to a whole new level. It's now a permanent resident in my pantry.

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