Australian Wagyu Beef Fat

The Westholme Wagyu herd contains the most highly credentialed Wagyu cattle to leave Japan. Three Japan-born, Hongen-registered champion sires are the founding patriarchs of the Westholme herd – 001 Hirashige-Tayassu (from the Kedaka line); 002 Itomoritaka (from the Fujioshi line), and 003 Kitateruyasu-doi (from the Tajiri/Tajima line). These bulls were bred to Hongen registered Kedaka, Tajiri, and Fujiyoshi females.

Westholme beef has no added hormones and is not treated with hormonal growth promotants (HGP).

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    Weight: 500-1000g
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    Perfect for Grilling

    This Wagyu Beef Fat is perfect for grilling and basting. It adds a rich, buttery flavor to the meat and keeps it juicy and tender. My BBQs have never been better since I started using this product. A must-have for any backyard cookout!

    Unbeatable Quality

    I've tried various types of beef fat, but nothing compares to the quality of this Australian Wagyu Beef Fat. The rich marbling and silky texture make it an excellent choice for creating mouthwatering dishes. I will keep coming back for more this bundle is unbeatable!

    Simply Divine

    I am blown away by the quality of these bone-in short ribs. The meat is tender and moist, and the flavor is simply divine. These ribs exceeded my expectations and have become a favorite in my household.

    Enhanced Juiciness

    The Australian Wagyu Beef Fat not only brings incredible flavor but also enhances the juiciness of the meat. It locks in the moisture, resulting in tender and succulent dishes. I love using it for roasting, and my family can't stop raving about the delicious meals I prepare. A must-try for anyone who enjoys cooking with the finest ingredients!

    Versatile Ingredient

    The Australian Wagyu Beef Fat is a versatile ingredient that adds flavor to a wide range of dishes. I've used it for frying, roasting, and even in my baking recipes. It enhances the taste of everything I make and elevates the overall dining experience. This bundle is a kitchen essential for any home cook or professional chef!

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