Australian Premium Black Angus Bone-In Ribeye Primal Cut


Australian Black Angus Bone-In Ribeye is incredibly juicy and delicious, it is a single, enormous rib eye on the bone that was cut from the center of a complete rib of our Black Angus beef.

Brand: Riverina Angus Beef
Area: Southern NSW
Breed: Black Angus
Feed: Fed a ration of wheat, oats, and barley
Grading: MSA Graded
Marbling: MB 2+

The full slab Australian Angus 7-ribs Bone-In Ribeye will be shipped in its original packaging. Excellent for a barbecue feast or a big roast.

 * Listed weights may have around +/- 10% variance, usually a bit more than the listed weight :)
* Pictures for reference only and may not be an exact representation of the actual product

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