Australian Black Angus Striploin Steak

From the green pastures of Australia, comes a rich and succulent Striploin steak. Our premium Black Angus beef is carefully selected from accredited farms, where special attention is paid to the art of selective breeding through finely tuned genetics. Grain-fed for 120 days before slaughter, this steak has superior marbling and the consistent eating quality.

Brand: Riverina Black Angus Beef
Area: Southern NSW
Breed: Black Angus
Feed: Fed a ration of wheat, oats and barley
Grading: MSA Graded
Marbling: MB 2+

* Listed weights may have around +/- 10% variance, usually a bit more than the listed weight :)
* Pictures for reference only and may not be exact representation of the actual product

Simple Garlic Rosemary Steak

Weight: 4kg (Pre-Order)
Sale priceHK$ 1,830.00
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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Auron Araiza
Meat Lover's Delight

As a true meat lover, I can confidently say that the Australian Premium Black Angus Strip Loin Steak was a true delight. Its natural flavor was enhanced by the marbling, creating an unforgettable experience on the grill. Meat Master knows how to cater to meat enthusiasts like me!

Vincenzo Duong
Exquisite Taste

The Australian Premium Black Angus Strip Loin Steak is truly a delicacy. The rich taste, tender texture, and mouthwatering marbling exceeded my expectations. I savored every morsel and can't wait to treat myself to this culinary masterpiece again. Hats off to Meat Master for delivering such an exquisite steak!

Kristine Yount
Masterful Meat

The Australian Premium Black Angus Strip Loin Steak showcases Meat Master's mastery in sourcing top-tier Angus beef. The steak was tender, juicy, and packed with remarkable flavors. It's clear that Meat Master knows how to deliver a cut above the rest!

Daveon Moxley
Grill-Ready Marvel

This Angus Strip Loin Steak is a marvel on the grill! I was amazed by how easily it cooked to perfection, boasting juicy and robust flavors. Meat Master's dedication to quality shines through, making this steak an instant hit at our barbecue party. It's a crowd-pleaser, for sure!

Daxon Bedford
Superior Angus Beef

The Australian Premium Black Angus Strip Loin Steak lived up to its premium reputation. The meat's superior quality and taste set it apart from any other cut I've tried. Kudos to Meat Master for consistently delivering such excellence in Angus beef. This steak is a game-changer!

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