29ON Meat Lovers Only

Brewery: 29ON
Rice: Asahi-no-yume(Gunma Prefecture)
Region: Japan Kanto region
Type: Junmai sake
Rice Polishing Ratio: 90%
Alcohol content: 16%

Heavenly match with dishes:
Beef, Pork, Chicken

Meat Lovers Only sake is an original sake brand brewed in small quantities, specifically crafted to enhance the natural umami flavour of the meat. It was created by 29ON, a members-only meat-specializing restaurant. Meat Lovers Only is tailormade to match meat. Sake combines the sweetness of the rice and the wonderful lactic acid, which can transform the mineral taste of the meat into an aroma.

One important point is the temperature at which the sake is served. Although it can be enjoyed at room temperature, the ideal temperature to serve sake to enjoy with meat is at around 45°C (113°F).

You start by eating a piece of meat, and as the flavour of the meat spreads in your mouth, take a sip of the warm sake before swallowing. Within your mouth, the flavours of the sake and the meat combine. This is called in Japanese ‘konai chori’, which literally translates to 'mouth cooking'. Both the meat and the sake have their distinctive complementary umami that combines and create something akin to a deep-tasting exquisite awase dashi. 

Bottle Size: 720ml x 10
Sale priceHK$ 4,120.00

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