was established with the vision to serve Premium Meat & Alcohol Lovers.

As a leading online butcher, we aim to deliver quality premium meat, seafood, & alcohol products straight to your door at a fair price in Hong Kong. is your one-stop online premium food & alcohol delivery platform. is operated by Meat King Group Ltd. which sources products from around the world including, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, Canada and Spain. We provide a full range of quality meat (grass fed, grain fed, organic, naturally farmed, hormone-free & antibiotic-free) and the finest alcohol products from France, Chile, Australia, US and Japan.

Our mission is to provide premium quality products that are hygienic and safe, delivered to your door in a speedy manner. All of our frozen products are processed and packaged in HACCP designed facilities; they are well frozen and vacuum sealed before shipping to your doorsteps.